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Bougainvillea Palms Estate

Bougainvillea Palms Estate provides an experience of peace for everyone who visits. We nourish the mind, body and soul through nature, food, serenity, stillness and simply peace.



The mission of Bougainvillea Palms Estate is to provide a time and space for people to experience the peace and relaxation that they deserve. "We deserve peace, not just a piece." Bougainvillea is an allinclusive retreat space that provides stillness & quiet time; a moment to get back to center and intentionally nourish the soul. We foster an environment that allows people to step away from the world and get back in touch with themselves and their divine nature. Bougainvillea also serves to nourish the body with an array of all natural vegan foods grown right here on the land. Bougainvillea promotes
connection with self through connection with nature as we all come from the earth. Bougainvillea Palms Estate is a space to retreat from the day to day and allow your mind and body to freely breathe. Bougainvillea serves to foster an environment to connect with the Most High! Time doesn’t exist here. You are not your race, sex, age, gender or occupation here. You are a whole, full, divine human being. Connect with you!

Image by Kiril Dobrev

About Me

Hello beautiful people. I am Hannah, co-owner of Bougainvillea Palms Estate. I, along with my father, Claude, have transformed a family home in the hills of Jamaica into this retreat space to provide peace and tranquility to all who visit. We both understand & respect the importance of peace and having time
to be in your own mind and we want to share that with those who deserve it, EVERYONE! After a trip, at age 36, from the US to Jamaica to visit my dad, I was able to heal some unresolved childhood matters that I didn't know I was holding on to. While there, I realized that it wasn't just us being together that
allowed this healing, it was literally, the space I was in. It was the home. It was the land. It was the nature surrounding me. It was the ocean views from the veranda. It was the salubrious air. It was the time away. It was the quiet and the stillness. It was the entire vibe of my environment. It was the peace! And so, we
decided to design this retreat space to share all of this with all of you who just want peace; and want to reconnect with self and find your center. We want to share this with people who want to relax, revitalize, heal, love and be loved on, freely.

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